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The basic terms of use of the Pro Electrician Gold Coast consists of the terms and conditions that are linked to the website. Additionally, the terms include the privacy notice, website access and content, limitation liability, intellectual property and disclaimer on the use of the website. These terms will govern the access to, and use of the certain sections of the website where they appear. Furthermore, these terms and conditions are relevant to you when using the Pro Electrician Gold Coast. Here is a summary of the basic terms of use.

Pro Electrician Gold Coast access and content

The Pro Electrician Gold Coast takes pride in preparing and maintaining information on the website. The access to the website is uninterrupted. Moreover, the website is free from viruses and anything that may cause damage to your computer or any of your data. However, you must acknowledge and accept the access and the use of the content from the Pro Electrician Gold Coast at all times.

Intellectual property

The materials that are displayed on the proelectriciangoldcoast.com.au/ are protected by copyright, intellectual property and trademark laws. The materials include; artwork, photographs, illustrations, information, editorial materials, and other graphic stuffs. While the content is displayed for your non-commercials use and personal use, you are not allowed to reproduce the materials to any third party without the consent of the Pro Electrician Gold Coast

Third party liability

The www.proelectriciangoldcoast.com.au/ do not warrant the reliability, adequacy, completeness and accuracy of the website content. You ought to accept and acknowledge that the Pro Electrician Gold Coast content is subject to alteration at any time without prior notice. Furthermore, the content may not be up to date at any time you view it.

For this reason, it is your responsibility to inquire with us to ensure that the currency and accuracy of the material. The website disclaims all the liability for the loss arising from your reliance on the website content.

Additionally, the Pro Electrician Gold Coast does not guarantee that the access will be uninterrupted. Or even free from viruses that might damage your computer. The date might contain viruses which might damage your device. At times the access is interrupted.


You must read all the terms and conditions any time you access the Pro Electrician Gold Coast. By accepting the terms of use it means that you are authorized to access the websites content and information.

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